2019 Scholarship Winner – Justin


The photo that I had taken is a picture of my decease mother and I. This picture means a lot to me as a memory that I have left of what I hold on to dearest to my heart. I had lost my mother at the age of 12 while enrolled in Middle School. My mother was on a routine prenatal doctors’ appointment to where she had a blood-clot in the artery of her heart. However, she died in the doctor’s office instantly, and my little sister had died a week later after my mom. What remains is only my brother and I since my dad is constantly in and out of jail. However, my decease mother’s sister had took custody of my brother and I. Life has been tough on us our last years of high school without the motherly support of being there for us when accomplishing our goals, making the honor rolls, achieving in our sports curricular activities, and a host more. With living with our aunty and her 3 boys and 1 daughter was a house full of 6 of us. There was plenty of times that my brother and I felt like the outsider of my aunty not having enough money to support my brother and I. There was plenty of times that I wanted to give up and give in without finishing my high school education. The spirit of my mother picture was keeping me strong and had given me such great empowerment to do a lot for myself.

It had taken me a while to open up to talk about the death of my mother and sister to friends and family members that cared to listen. My brother constantly goes through withdrawals every time it nears the anniversary of her death. I had made it my goal at every anniversary to take an accomplishment to her grave. With this new milestone of accomplishment of graduating, I will take my mother my high school diploma and this scholarship if I am awarded. This scholarship will help me buy the clothes and shoes I would need for my college education instead of constantly wearing hand-me-down clothes from my cousins. Also to mention, the scholarship will help me put gas in my car to make it to and from school, along with covering my book expenses, lab fees, tuition fees, and the necessary resources that I may need that is not mentioned above. College life will be a new chapter in my life of what I will began. My mother had died at a very young age and hopefully one day, my brother and I can break the cycle and be better fathers than our dad was to us. Winning this scholarship would me a great deal to me and my brother since he is my biggest supporting fan that looks up to me. We are all each other have! Please allow me this opportunity in winning this amazing scholarship!


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