Air Filter Delivery from Second Nature


The Right Filters, Right When You Need Them

With Invitation Homes Air Filter Delivery from Second Nature, you’ll never have to worry about when to change your air filters. The $9.95 monthly fee* includes all the air filters you need for your home. You won’t need to remember what size filter to buy or even when to make the change. This innovative pop filter technology performs better, is easier to install, and creates less environmental waste. Replacing your home’s air filters is easier than ever.

When it automatically arrives at your doorstep, it’s time to replace your filter, making it easy to fulfill your home maintenance responsibilities as a resident.

Why Air Filter Delivery?


All the right filters your home needs, delivered every 3 months when it’s time to change them.

High-quality filters that keep your HVAC system running efficiently, which can lower your energy bill.

The flex-lock design blocks harmful toxins & allergens like:
• Pollen        • Dust Mites
• Dust           • Bacteria
• Mold

Why Pop Filters?

Pop filters, with their innovative flex-lock technology,  capture 97% more of the smallest particles in your home’s air**. Pop filters are not available in every filter size, so you may receive another type of high-quality filter if your home’s filter size(s) are not available.



Because they pop open, we use less cardboard to ship – reducing our carbon footprint

Simplified Installation 

Pop filters work no matter which side they’re installed on 

Better Filtration 

2.5x more surface area than flat fiberglass filters for better airflow 




Q. Why do I need to change my air filter?
A. Changing your air filter every 3 months will keep your HVAC system running efficiently, lowering your energy bills up to 15%. With Invitation Homes Air Filter Delivery from Second Nature, you’ll never have to worry about when to change your air filter because it is automatically delivered when it’s time to replace the old ones.

Watch our how-to video about changing your filter:

Q. Why is Air Filter Delivery required in my lease if I have an HVAC system?
A. As an Invitation Homes resident, your lease requires this service. It is an easy way for you to change your HVAC system’s air filters, which is part of your resident responsibilities. The $9.95 monthly fee is an additional fee above your rental price that will be automatically added to your resident account each month. If your filter is not replaced regularly, a $25 fee will be added to your account.

Q. What’s the difference between pop filters and standard fiberglass filters?
A. Pop filters have an innovative flex-lock design that is better for your air quality than the run-of-the-mill fiberglass air filters you can buy at most stores. This design is effective at blocking harmful toxins and allergens like pollen, dust, mold, dust mites, and bacteria.

Q. What happens if I don’t replace my filter?
A. If your air filter is not replaced regularly, a $25 fee will be added to your account. Your maintenance technician will use the expiration date on the side of the filter to track replacement. To avoid being charged, replace your filter when a new one arrives.

Q. When will I receive the filter and how many will I receive?
A. You will receive your first air filter within the first month after you move in and every three months after. You will receive the exact number of filters your home needs.

Q. What happens if I don’t receive my air filter?
A. If you don’t receive your air filter when you expect it, call 888-423-1555 and we will send your filter again.

Q. What if the air filter I receive is the wrong size?
A. If the box you received is labeled incorrectly, double-check the filter itself. More likely than not, the correct filter is inside. Try installing the filter you received and if it doesn’t fit, call 888-423-1555 and we will send you the correct filter.

Q. How will I be notified of my air filter shipment?
A. When your air filter has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes your tracking information and a link to check your delivery status.

Q. What are my resident responsibilities?
A. As an Invitation Homes resident, you’re responsible for minor home maintenance such as lawn care, pest control, and changing air filters. Click here to see a list of resident responsibilities.

Q. Are pop filters okay for HVAC systems?  
A. Absolutely! It uses much of the same base filtration technology as existing air filters, with much-needed improvements to the overall design. You’re getting more efficient airflow, which puts less strain on the HVAC unit.  

Q. Why does it bend? Is that sturdy?
A. The flex-lock frame is designed to better withstand shipping. Because it’s folded up, it can’t be damaged as easily as regular cardboard filters. Plus, the smaller package size is easier to transport and more environmentally friendly. When the filter pops into shape, it “locks” into position, stronger than almost any other air filter on the market. 

Q. How does this filter perform? 
A. It’s been tested and verified to perform equal to or better than a standard fiberglass air filter. That means it’s great at removing pollen, pet dander, dust particles, and more from your air. In fact, it stops up to 97%* more of the smallest particles like bacteria. And unlike a typical air filter that performs worse when installed backward, these air filters are effective and perform well when installed in either direction.   

Q. The pleats look flat, is that normal?
A. Due to shipping, portions of the pleated material may appear slightly flat upon opening. However, once installed, the airflow will straighten these pleats out over a few days, and there are no negative impacts to filter efficiency or HVAC compatibility. 

Q. Why didn’t I receive a pop filter?
A. Pop filters with flex-lock technology are not available in every filter size. You may receive another type of high-quality filter from Second Nature if your home’s filter size(s) are not available. 


* This service is required in leases in homes with an HVAC system and is an additional fee above the monthly rent. Available on new leases since August 2020 and lease renewals starting May 2021.

** Industry-standard ASHRAE 52.2 tested 04.10.2020 as compared to flat fiberglass filters and a major filter media manufacturer 



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