• Make Your House a Home: Tips from Our Followers

    Make your house a home
    We asked our followers to share their favorite memory while staying home over the last few weeks, here’s what they said:
    For fresh air we have trimmed all of our bushes, inflated the little blow up pool for our little one to swim in, and gone for lots of walk around our … Read More

  • A Coastal Living Space for a Southern California Family

    We worked with SwatchPop! to design a living space for our Living Room Makeover winners, Michael and Chelsea. These residents, who are based in Southern California, were randomly selected as…

  • Living-Spaces

    Clear the Clutter Challenge #4: Living Spaces

    We’ve covered most areas in your house during the clear the clutter challenge, but it’s not over yet. There’s still time to declutter your life while taking home some valuable…

  • Challenge-3-Bathrooms

    Clear the Clutter Challenge #3: Bathrooms and the Laundry Room

    Your bathrooms and laundry spaces have great potential for creative organization solutions. As smaller spaces, they tend to get cluttered faster. We’ll show you how you can turn these clutter…

  • Clear the Clutter Challenge #2: Closets and Clothes

    The closet can be one of the most intimidating spaces to declutter and organize. A lot of people hang onto clothes for a long time, so part of decluttering your…

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