• Get Out & Grow: Invitation Homes’ “Spring Gardening Contest”

    It’s time to leaf the competition in the dust during Invitation Homes’ “Spring Gardening Contest!”
    Over the next eight weeks, we will be posting useful gardening and landscaping tips to inspire you to Get Out and Grow. And your flourishing plants could win you a $250 Home Depot gift card!
    Here’s how it works:

    Find your favorite … Read More

  • Is Your Dachsund a Dreamboat?

    Enter the Invitation Homes “FURRIFIC PHOTOS” Contest! Do you have a fetching feline? A lovely lab? A ravishing retriever? A handsome hound? Then enter the “Furrific Photos” contest! Submit a…

  • DIYify Home Contest

    Prepare your Pinterest boards and pull out your craft kit. It is time for our DIYify Home Contest! This month we want to help you finish your home design projects.…

  • Organize and Win a Prize!

    Starting January 1, we’ll be posting 10 days of our best organization tips and tricks on the Invitation Homes Facebook page for National Organize Your Home Day on January 14.…

  • Baking for Bucks!

    Enter our Bake Cookies Day contest. You could win a $100 gift card! If you’re a smart cookie, you’ll enter this contest! We’re going to find out which Invitation Homes…

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