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    Taking Care of Our Homes: The Pro-Care Lifecycle

    At Invitation Homes, we pride ourselves on offering quality, updated houses in great neighborhoods and providing superior services to our residents. This includes updating our properties before residents move in and then maintaining the home to high standards.
    After we purchase a home, we make an initial renovation investment – in 2019, that investment averaged more … Read More

  • Keeping Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

    Holiday lights are a festive way to show seasonal cheer and add extra character to your home and neighborhood. From the simplest strands to the most complex and impressive designs,…

  • Conquer Common Cleaning Mistakes with These Tips

    We want you to have the best experience possible when living in an Invitation Home. And we know maintaining a house takes work, so we’re here to help along the…

  • Swimming Pool Safety Tips

    Beat the heat by having fun in the sun. Whether it’s sitting poolside to catch some sun or splashing around in the water, there are few things more enjoyable than…

  • Lease Friendlier: Eco-Friendly Homes

    As the nation’s premier home leasing company, Invitation Homes has a responsibility to our residents, our neighbors, our communities, and our planet. We know what we do has an impact…

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