Decorate house for Halloween

A Tour of the Most Haunted Places in Jacksonville

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to break out the creepy decorations and transform your home into the spookiest haunted house on the block. But, if the jack-o-lanterns, plastic skeletons, and fake spider webs aren’t chilling enough, inspiration can always be found from the real thing. Join us as we tour some of the most haunted places in Jacksonville, FL, if you’re brave enough.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Built as a Spanish watch tower more than 500 years ago, this historical lighthouse has seen generations of war, tragedy, natural disasters, and all things inexplicable. However, two events in particular have been cemented in history because they are believed to be the reasons behind the paranormal occurrences. The first being the untimely death of lighthouse keeper, Joseph Andreu, in 1859. Andreu was painting the exterior of the lighthouse when a shingle gave out and he plummeted to his death. Fifteen years later, a tragic accident occurred resulting in the deaths of the lighthouse superintendent’s two children and their friend.

Since then, multiple reports from past keepers, residents, and visitors claim to have seen a figure resembling Andreu sitting on the roof of the lighthouse. They’ve heard children’s laughter from the top of the stairs. Others claim to have seen one of the superintendent’s daughters floating around the grounds in the same dress she died in.

Castillo de San Marcos

As one of the oldest masonry forts in the United States, Castillo de San Marcos’ impenetrable walls are sure to have seen some unspeakable acts. Since its construction in 1672, the fort has served as a Spanish masonry as well as a British and American military prison. But despite the countless deaths seen within the fortress walls, one event is believed to be the key that unlocked the paranormal flood gates.

During the second Spanish occupation of the fort, Colonel Garcia Marti suspected his wife, Delores, of having an affair with the fort’s commanding officer, Captain Abela, after he smelled his wife’s perfume on the officer. Soon both Capt. Abela and Delores went missing. It wasn’t until fifty years later that their bodies were discovered entombed in the walls of the fort. Ever since, people have reported smelling Delores’ perfume or seeing bright lights next to the wall where they were found.

Old Jail in St. Augustine

Built by American industrialist, Henry Flagler, the Old Jail served as the town’s only prison for more than 60 years. Despite the aesthetically pleasing exterior of the building, the atrocities that took place inside are not easily forgotten. Although the inmates were considered the most heinous criminals, the conditions they were subjected to in the prison were far more sinister. From eight lives lost on death row, to starvation and torture, it’s no wonder spirits are thought to be lingering in the Old Jail. Tours of the historical building are offered every day and night, that is if you don’t mind strange aromas, sinister laughing, and rattling of invisible chains.


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