Clear the Clutter Challenge #4: Living Spaces

We’ve covered most areas in your house during the clear the clutter challenge, but it’s not over yet. There’s still time to declutter your life while taking home some valuable prizes. So gear up and accept the new challenge: living spaces.

Living spaces are often the hardest to keep clean because they are used the most often and by the most people. Before you know it, your family room is covered in mail, toys, bags, and backpacks.

How to get started

For all the newcomers to the Clear the Clutter Challenge, one of the first steps on the road to decluttering is assessing the items in the room and categorizing them into three piles: keep, donate, and throw away.

Be brutally honest with yourself when it comes to items that need to go. Although magazines often make for a nice accent to the coffee table, if left unchecked, they can clutter your space. Check that each remote control in the room is functional and has a purpose. If you have a bunch of old VHS tapes or CDs taking up space in your entertainment center, consider selling or donating them.

Everything in its place 

Once you have accounted for all the items you plan on keeping, it’s time to find a place for everything. The key to long-lasting tidiness is to find an inconspicuous and consistent place to put your everyday items.


Shelves serve as a great way to provide more storage room, and they can also provide additional design throughout the space. If you think a full bookshelf is taking up too much space, consider hanging shelves for a minimalistic alternative. Unless you are a bookworm who wants their shelves stocked with their favorite novels, try to leave at least 10 percent of your bookshelf open.

Multipurpose Furniture 

Furniture can often look cluttered if you have a lot of larger pieces. Consolidate by investing in multipurpose furniture. If you can’t find space on the wall for a hanging shelf, no problem! There are coffee tables, couches, and even lamps with built-in shelves for additional storage space. Depending on your need, you can find ottomans that open and offer another place to put your throw blankets. Also, they can even turn into additional seating for when you have guests over.

Small bowls or a tray 

Find a place for the millions of things you have in your hands when you walk through your front door after a long day. This could include your mail, your keys, the coat you’re wearing, or the bag you’re carrying. A small bowl or tray is perfect for holding papers and your keys. A hook rack is great for hanging your jackets, backpacks, briefcases, or pet leashes.

Tubs for the toys

Toys have a knack for spilling out of your kids’ rooms and into hall, down the stairs, on the kitchen table, and eventually into the living room. Boxes, bins, and baskets are here to help clear the clutter of the playdate aftermath. Use the baskets as an accent to your shelves or stack the bins to make the most of your space. The decluttering possibilities are truly endless.

Make sure to share your newly organized living spaces here for a chance to win the Clear the Clutter Challenge Grand Prize!


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