Kid Chores

Creative Ways to Get Kids to Do Their Chores

At Invitation Homes, we know that all of the amenities of a single family home are great for families. The yards are perfect for outdoor activities and entertaining, the updated and modern kitchens make wonderful gathering places and there is nothing like having ample bedrooms and space for everyone to unwind. But with any home, come the inevitable chores necessary to keep it clean and beautiful for your family. That’s where your kids can help!

Divvying up household responsibilities will help keep your family and homes organized especially during busy times. Even if you have trouble getting your kids to do chores, there are creative ways to enlist their help even among the youngest of children.

Chores Chart

Chore Charts

Identify chores to be done on a daily and/or weekly basis, and assign some type of points or measurement system by each completed activity. Create a chart to track their progress, and at the end of the month, you can see how they measured up. As the chores become routine or seem too easy, add another level of difficulty or responsibility to it such as first helping to sort laundry, then folding the clean clothes, and finally putting the clean clothes away.

Reward Systems

Sometimes a great big thank you and the satisfaction of a job well-done is all the reward that is necessary. But we all respond to incentives and your children are no different. So, depending on your approach to parenting, you may want to consider something extra special and fun to look forward to with the next opportunity to help. There are different types of reward systems and you’ll have to determine what works best for your family. Maybe it’s extra screen time, a visit to the ice cream parlor, the opportunity to pick tomorrow night’s dinner, staying up late on a Friday night, having a sleep over with friend – whatever makes your child smile.

Chore Team

Make Chores Fun, Family Time

Some parents say that setting aside time each week for everyone to do chores at the same time makes chore-time more fun because everyone is working alongside each other.

The Scavenger Hunt

There is nothing like a game to get the competitive juices flowing. Try coming up with a scavenger hunt of chores and the person who finishes first, gets a prize. You can divide the family into teams. If you’re really creative, come up with clues about the chores that need to be done, but a simple list works too. Check out the many sample scavenger hunt lists on the Internet and see if there is one that is ready-made for you.

Chore Bingo

Make a bingo board with each task in a square. The person who gets bingo first, gets to stop doing chores!

Rock On

Put on your kids favorite music and sing while you work. Whoever completes the chore first, gets to pick the next music selection.

Dress Up

Lots of kids love to dress up. Try dressing up like Cinderella to sweep that floor or a super-cleaning hero who can rescue the family from all that dirt and grime. If you’re into rewards, make the first time they get to wear the costume, an opportunity to play the part.

Because I Said So

Sometimes you’re just tired and there just isn’t time for fun and games. We’ve all been told “Do it because I say so.” We may not like to hear it, but that’s life. And every now and then maybe your kids will hear that too – whether from you about the chores, from a teacher or that boss of the future. “Please” and a heart-felt “thank you” go a long way to ease this phrase.

Regardless of what you do to motivate the kids and make it fun, if you’re like most parents, chores are a necessary part of being in a family. So, despite how you get your kids involved…just get them involved! And the younger your kids are when they start, the more likely they are to view chores as helping around the house and less like assigning work.


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