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DIY Ways to Make the Most of Your Space

Wall Space 

When it comes to furniture placement, it’s easy to limit yourself to the floor. Think outside the floor plan by taking advantage of the wall space. Try these simple tricks.Family packing boxes

  • Built-in shelves: Floating shelves, stacked box shelves, or corner shelves are the perfect way to add storage space without making the room look cluttered.

  • Mount your TV: Ditching the bulky entertainment center and mounting your TV will leave you with a little extra wiggle room while giving the room a modern feel.
  • Foldable desks: An easy and inconspicuous way to save space is to find furniture, such as a desk or bed, that you can fold up and put away.
  • More mirrors: Adding more mirrors to the room is a sure-fire way to create the illusion of having more space. Whether the mirrors are framed above your bed or taking up an entire wall, this is an effortless way to open up a room.

Modern interior room with a beautiful furniture. Minimalist bookshelf over dramatic concrete and wood background, modern art.


Multi-purpose furniture 

To make the most of your space, add furniture that serves more than one purpose. It’s the classic case of less is more, and you’ll be more than satisfied with your spacious room. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to save space.

  • Bench: Consider a hollow bench, ottoman, or coffee table as a subtle accent to a room. Guests will never know they’re sitting on your storage.
  • Headboard: Depending on the size, a bed can take up the majority of floor space, leaving little room for anything else. Transform your bed into the ultimate space saver with risers for additional space underneath or make the headboard into a bedside table. The possibilities are endless!
  • Bedroom with large wooden mirrorWall decor: Decorations aren’t only for looking pretty. With a little creativity, most accent pieces are great for hiding unsightly clutter. Learn how to transform picture frames, art pieces, and other wall adornments into hidden cupboards, or use a trendy cork board to hang things like your jewelry.
  • Futon: Futons, trundle beds, or bunk beds would be perfect for the kids’ room or even the guest room.


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