Easy, Free Ways Help Your Kids Learn at Home

Each summer, many children experience a decline in their academic skills, often called the summer slide. With school closures in the spring, the summer slide may affect more kids this year. However, parents can help their children stay on track with these free resources.   

Build on Students’ Reading & Math Skills  

According to scholastic.com, the summer slide is most common in younger children; and the biggest learning losses are in reading and math. In the summer, it’s important to practice the skills kids learned during the school year. Due to COVID-19, many companies are offering free resources to help kids, specifically in the areas most children struggle. 

Research shows that kids should read at least 20 minutes each day. However, children don’t have to read traditional books to meet this recommendation. Audible is offering free audiobooks for kids. And for students who enjoy e-books, Project Gutenberg is providing free online books. Also, PBS Kids has free reading games.

There are numerous websites that offer free math practices, and many of them are in a game format. Wide Open School has games, videos, and interactive activities. PBS Kids has math games for all ages. Also, Cool Math Games is a favorite among kiddos.  

Help Your Kids Relax 

The coronavirus has caused a spike in anxiety in many people, including children. It’s important to talk to your students about issues they may face, such as changes in their schedules or seeing their friends less often. The summer is an ideal time to introduce mindfulness techniques to your little ones, as meditation and mindfulness will help them manage their emotions and cope with changes. Mindfullittles.org offers free resources that include calming breath practices and mindful games. Also, parents can find advice for talking to their kids about the pandemic.

Get Your Kids Moving  

Parents know the importance of keeping kids active. Exercise helps children reduce stress, build strong muscles, and improve sleep – just to name a few benefits. However, this summer, children’s opportunities to be active may be limited. For instance, many community pools and camps have been shut down. Parents may need to encourage their kids to exercise in new ways. In addition to academic and mindfulness resources, Wide Open Schools has free exercise videos. Be sure to talk to your kids about the importance of eating well and hydrating before a workout.

To use these resources effectively, create a schedule for your kids. The schedule doesn’t have to be strict, but it should include time for designated activities. Read more about making a schedule for your kids on this blog. And see more resources for summer learning here.


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