Fall Planting for the Best Spring Bloom

Leaves are beginning to fall, plants are beginning to lose their vigor, and the air is getting crisp. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop planting and tending to your gardens!

There are plenty of spring-blooming bulbs that require the winter season to bloom properly. By planting in the fall, you are preparing your home for beauty and color in the spring.

Here’s a list of the best bulbs to plant in the fall for a full and lush spring garden.


You want to plant these petite yellow flowers between two and four weeks before the ground freezes, and they do best in areas that will experience either full or partial sun. These flowers are vibrant, so they’re the perfect expression of springtime! Not only are they gorgeous in your garden, but they are also beautiful in spring bouquets.

Dogs-tooth Violet

These beautiful drooping flowers should be planted in the fall. When they bloom in early to mid-spring, they will accent your garden with their white and violet tented petals. Also, the dog’s-tooth violet is one of the easiest North American flowers to care for, so it’s a great addition to any beginning garden!


These tiny blue flowers got their name from being one of the first flowers to bloom in spring. They occasionally bloom before the snows melt, depending where you live, and so they became the glory-of-the-snow. But, be careful if you are new to gardening. These flowers are gorgeous, but, they are also notorious for aggressively spreading and taking over a garden, if not tended to properly.

Winter Aconite

Like glory-of-the-snow, winter aconite is an early spring bloomer. It even occasionally will bloom through the snow. These small, yellow buttercup flowers should be planted in late fall for the best spring bloom.


This little white flower droops from the top of its bright green stem and looks like a small hanging bell. Or, perhaps it looks like a snowdrop. The only climate they don’t take well to are warmer ones. A snowdrop needs a cold weather to bloom in the spring.


These flowers bloom upon a thick stem, forming colorful balls of hundreds of little flowers. Allium prefer complete sun or partial shade, and they attract butterflies more than other flowers often do. Like daffodils, these purple flowers are beautiful when placed in a spring bouquet.


If you plant hostas a few weeks before the soil begins to freeze, you’ll get a plethora of option in the spring. Hostas are one of the most common North American perennials, and they come in a large variety of easily maintained colors and styles.


Peonies are a vibrant little flower that can be maintained in your garden for decades! They are resilient and have an intoxicating fragrance. They thrive when placed in a mostly sunny spot, and they also have a few other key rules that you should consider when planting them for the first time.


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