Get This Look from the Make it Home Show House: Dining Room Edition

The holidays are right around the corner, which means there may be more guests in your home – especially in the dining area.  We are continuing the “Get This Look” series from our Make it Home Show House designed by our in-house design expert, Meghan Giddens, to feature the area we will be spending the most time in this holiday season. If you are interested in making your dining room more inviting this holiday season, keep reading for inspiration!

Meghan designed this space with both comfort and style in mind. Plush seating is a must for entertaining guests so they can sit and talk to for a while. These chairs come in neutral colors that will pair well in any home. You want a table that is sturdy enough for whatever platters are to come but sleek in design. This table is fully functional yet stylish and will complement almost any dining room.

“The dining room is an extension of the kitchen,” Meghan said. “So we wanted to be sure it was stylish, functional, and comfortable. Plus, we added additional storage.”

This solid wood sideboard buffet is a design-friendly way to provide storage in the dining area. It’s perfect for storing dinnerware, flatware, and much more with easy access near the dining table. Adding a rug is the perfect way to add texture to a room, especially one with neutral tones like this one. This is a versatile piece that can be used in any room but is a unique addition underneath the dining table.

Of course, a dining room is more than just a place to sit and eat! Express your personal style with art and decorations of your liking. This abstract artwork livens up the space. These colorful glass vases are a great pop of color and added dimension in a neutral space. Plants provide a breath of fresh air to any room. The placement of this potted plant is great because it gives purpose to a corner of the room that is normally left empty. A pop of color or unique find can go a long way in showing off your style!

This modern light-fixture is a statement piece that will create a warm ambience in the room. It’s important to avoid hard lighting and aim for more subtle fixtures. Speaking of light, these curtains don’t completely block out the sun but soften the brightness and add texture to the walls. Lastly, a fresh bouquet of flowers (real or not) on the table is a great last-minute addition to freshen up the space.

“We loved the natural light in the room. You can control all of your lights with the Invitation Homes Smart Home app,” Meghan said. “That way, you can set the mood in the dining area.”

The dining room shouldn’t feel so formal that it’s stuffy. Imagine all of the engaging conversations, joyous laughter, and delicious meals and celebrations that will take place in this space. We hope these ideas inspire you to make the most of your dining room where the most memorable memories are made with friends and family. Be sure to explore the Make it Home Design Forecast to read other lease-friendly design tips and see the rest of the Make it Home Show House. And for inspiration to create a festive fall tablescape check out this article.


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