Get This Look from the Make it Home Show House: Family Room Edition

It’s important to have a functional, cozy and stylish place to spend time with your family. The family room tends to be used the most when entertaining because of its size and close proximity to the kitchen. As part of our Make It Home Show House, Emily Henderson of Style by Emily Henderson, designed an unforgettable family space. It’s light, bright, and full of character. Read on to discover how you can achieve this look!


A lot of what Emily used in her space was found in thrift shops and vintage boutiques. This is a great opportunity to explore your city and find high-quality pieces at a fraction of the price. Some of the Atlanta shops Emily searched included Highland Row Vintage, Decades Antiques and Vintage, and Antique Factory.

She scored major pieces like the vintage sofa, which she reupholstered, the vintage leather safari chair, the vintage iron coffee table base, the two blue vintage chairs, also reupholstered, and various side tables, shelves, and art throughout the space. Thrifting ensures that your space is totally unique and allows you to make the space your own.

Traditional Shopping

If thrifting isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry. You can achieve a look similar to Emily’s with these products:

Gallery Wall

What makes this space special is the gallery wall above the sofa, comprised of meaningful heirlooms, souvenirs, and art unique to the Atlanta area. This wall shows that the art you choose to hang on the wall doesn’t have to be the traditional photos and posters. Emily used pieces such as vintage postcards and matchbooks, old records, and thrifted art, as well as three-dimensional items. Anything can be art. It’s all about the display. And if there’s a special meaning or connection with the item, even better. Displaying your 3-D items in shadow boxes or simply removing the glass from a frame to use around an object can elevate it and make it stand out. Emily used shadow boxes and frames from IKEA.

Dining Nook

Emily and her team designed the dining nook in the show house as well, as it was a shared space with the family room. They used the same design elements and themes (wood, black, and white with a combo of classic and vintage shapes) used in the family room and brought them into the dining nook. Here’s where you can find the pieces that were used:

We hope you love this space as much as we do and feel inspired to create your own unique family room. If you want to hear about Emily’s design process, watch this video. Be sure to check out our Make It Home Design Forecast for more ideas from our Make It Home design experts!


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