How to Introduce Fall into Your Home Decor

It’s finally fall! Celebrate the new season by decorating your home. These decorating tips are quick and simple, and your home will look warm and welcoming until winter.

Make the Swap
One of the easiest ways to transition your decor is to swap out your pillows and blankets for darker options. Choose fall shades: pumpkin, auburn, sage, wine, or gold. The pantone color of 2015 is marsala, a deep wine-colored shade. For your blankets and pillows, opt for thicker material that will keep your guests warm and cozy.

Boost Your Bedding
Change the linens in your bedroom and guest room to fit the season. Replace your lighter linens with warmer materials: velvet, wool, and fur. Choose autumn shades and patterns. Make sure you’ve replaced the pillows to match the autumn theme.

Make a Wreath
Invite guests into your home with a welcoming wreath. Here are a few wreath ideas from Martha Stewart.

Pussy Willow Wreath
Pussy-willow stems with catkins
Hot-glue gun
9-inch wreath form, available at crafts stores
5-inch Styrofoam balls, available at crafts stores

Pull catkins off of pussy-willow stems.
Use a glue gun to place a dab of glue on wreath form or foam balls. Gently press a catkin into glue using tweezers. Repeat.
After glue dries, run ribbon through wreath, and tie to hang the wreath.

Pine Cone-Studded Wreath
14-inch square or round evergreen wreath
50-75 small pinecones
Hot-glue gun

Start with a pre-made circle or square of evergreen.
Attach small pinecones to the wreath with a hot-glue gun.

Feather Wreath
Floral spray in gold
Magnolia leaves
24-gauge gold wire
Gardening shears
Wheat stems
22-inch wire wreath form
Hot-glue gun

Spray the feathers and the top sides of the magnolia leaves gold. Let dry.
Bundle 3 leaves with a small piece of wire; snip end.
Bundle 5 wheat stems with wire, and snip end.
Repeat with the remaining leaves and stems.
Wrap the bundles to the wreath form with a single piece of wire, alternating and overlapping bundles of leaves and stems.
Once the wreath form is covered, insert the feathers at equal intervals. Glue in place.

Perk up Your Porch
Finish decorating your front porch by adding potted mums and pumpkins. Southern Living suggests carving out a pumpkin and placing mums inside to create a “mumkin.”

Add other fall flowers including snapdragons, gold pansies, violas, and heuchera. Complete the look with a welcome mat in a darker shade.

Set the Table
If you’re welcoming guests this season, then be sure to set your table. Create a centerpiece with painted pumpkins, pillar candles, and fall flowers. Dress up white plates with orange, red, or gold napkins. Complete the look with auburn and gold candles.

Cue the Candles
To complete your fall decor, add candles to the rest of your home. Choose autumn scents: pumpkin spice, apple crisp, and woodsy pines. Decorate the candles with ribbons in fall colors and patterns. If you’re feeling creative, then try making pumpkin votives. A guide in Southern Living suggests carving out mini pumpkins and adding tea candles. You can group several pumpkin votives together, as in Southern Living, or you can disperse the candles around your home.

Freshen up with Flowers
Bring nature inside your home. Decorate with fall flowers including red and orange roses, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies. Add foliage and ferns to the arrangements. You can also keep mums as indoor container plants. Put your flowers in darker vases or mason jars.

Paint Pumpkins
To spruce up your space, try spray-painting pumpkins in white, gold, glitter or metallic. This will add an element of surprise to your home decor.


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