How To Keep Your Holiday Decor From Collecting Dust

Holiday decorations appear sooner each year. Often, candy canes intermix with candy corn; you’ll find garland and gift wrap before buying a Thanksgiving turkey. While there’s no official beginning of the holiday season in retail stores, the decor in your home does have an expiration date.

If you live in a Home Owners Association, please follow the rules covered by your rental lease and remove holiday decorations in a timely manner, approximately 10 days after the holiday occurs. You can remove decor in a timely manner by planning ahead. Prepare to pack away your decorations or transition them to celebrate the next occasion.

Make A Packing Strategy

Without a proper plan, removing holiday decor is a daunting task. That’s why you should always prepare for the next year, even when packing or buying this year’s decor. By following a few simple steps, you will make the packing process less cumbersome.

Keep the original packages: After you remove ornaments and other decor, store the original packages in a container. If you don’t have the original package, you can still prepare to pack it all away. Put sandwich bags, tissue paper, empty egg cartons in a stable, well-padded box. Once you restore the decor, place the most fragile pieces on top.

Label everything: Be sure to label each box with a detailed description. This will make removing and packing decor much easier. You can color-code the containers so that you know what is in each box. For instance, keep fall decor in an orange container. When labeling, be specific and think about the decorating and packing processes. Mark which box should be unpacked first, and store this container in a place that is easy to reach. If you want to keep your decorating to a minimum, you can choose to only unpack this box. When you’re packing it all away, make sure to include everything on the label. This will prevent you from losing precious items.

Unpack before you buy: It’s tempting to buy holiday items as soon as they hit the stores. But before you buy, you should assess what you have in storage. Not only will this save money, it will prevent you from collecting too many decorations.

Permission to purge: Holiday decorations have sentimental value. But if holiday items have lost their luster, you can throw them away. You should only store the decor that you will actually use.

Transition Into The Next Season

You don’t have to tear down and restart to decorate for the holidays. If you plan ahead, you can easily transition seasonal decor. Follow these quick tips to transition into the next season.

Switch out pillows: These are the perfect accent piece for the holidays. Buy a set of pillows for the fall, some for the holidays, and a glittery set for New Years.

Bunch branches: In the fall, place tall branches in a vase. Then in late December, spray them in a metallic shade. Glitzy branches will last until New Year’s Eve.

Use pine cones: Each fall, brings the outdoors inside by putting pine cones in a dish. Once winter begins, you can spray them with the metallic paint used on the branches.

Berries: For fall, you can mix berries with colorful leaves. In winter, keep the berries and mix them with holly and mistletoe. For New Years, red berries blend well with metallic pieces (like painted pine cones and branches).


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