How to Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Away

One of the best parts of taking a vacation is making a plan for activities and restaurants. But before you enter vacation-mode, take the time to make a protection plan for your home.  Follow some of our favorite tips for securing your home so you can enjoy a worry-free trip.

Use our Smart Home technology

If your home doesn’t already have Smart Home services, you can opt for the Smart Home package and have the technology installed before moving in. With Smart Home services, you can control the thermostat, assign temporary access codes for the front door, and keep track of any actions in your home, all remotely from a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Protect against the elements while you’re away by remotely setting your thermostat to four degrees above or below your normal setting. By regulating the thermostat, you can protect against frozen pipes and growing energy bills.

If you have a pet that needs babysitting while you’re on vacation, assign a temporary access code to a friend or neighbor. You can create an unlimited number of codes, which can be set to expire when necessary, and double-check when someone enters your house by accessing the Smart Home event history.

Don’t hide the spare key under the mat

In fact, it’s better not to hide it in a hide-a-key tool or anywhere outside of your home. For peace of mind, coordinate with a trusted friend or neighbor and deliver your keys to them before heading out of town. If your neighbor is willing to help, try offering your driveway for extra space. It can serve as a small gesture of gratitude as well as a way to keep up appearances that someone is home while you’re gone.

Motion sensor lights

An empty driveway and dark windows usually read as an empty house to passersby. Keep potential burglars at bay by shedding a little light on areas like the front, back, or side doors. Consider investing in a removable motion sensor light to place outside as a cost-effective and energy-saving solution.

As a friendly reminder, it is the resident’s responsibility to remove anything hanging inside or outside the home and repaint any holes before moving out. You can find a full list of resident maintenance responsibilities on our website.

Be careful on social media

Social media has become a large part of our everyday lives. To think it could be used in a malicious way is unsettling, but preventable. Try not to advertise that you’re gone, and instead refrain from posting pictures or vacation updates until after you return home. As an extra precautionary measure, make sure any personal contact information such as your address is made private.

Hold your mail and newspaper 

Nothing says “No one’s home” like a stuffed mailbox and a growing stack of newspapers on the curb. If you’re taking an extended trip, think about suspending your mail and newspaper delivery, or recruit a friend to pick it up for you every few days.

Making sure our residents feel safe and secure is at the core of our values at Invitation Homes. If you need additional information, answers to your questions, or have any feedback that would help us improve your leasing experience, you can access our website or contact us.


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