How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

With wintery weather still upon us, you may not be thinking about preparing your garden for spring. But now is the time to make a landscaping plan. Follow these five simple steps, and watch your lawn and garden thrive in the next season.

Protect to prosper.

Frost can continue throughout March, so monitor the weather at night. If there’s a chance for frost, then cover your plants and soil with a piece of cloth. This will prevent your plants from freezing before they bloom. It will also protect your soil from harsh conditions.

Call a cleanup crew.

Before planting any seeds, clean up your garden and lawn. Use a garden hoe to pull any weeds that may have grown in the winter months. Ensure that your garden’s borders are still in tact.

Fertilizer is your friend.

Fertilizer gives your soil nutrients that may have been lost in the winter months. That’s why it is important to fertilize in early spring, allowing plenty of time for your soil to soak up the nutrients it needs. Be sure to choose the correct fertilizer for your type of lawn.

Divide your perennials. 

Early spring is the best time to divide your perennials into rows. While perennials can survive harsh conditions in the winter, they should bloom in late spring and early summer. So take the time to clean up and care for your perennials before they flourish. In late spring, once your perennials are blooming and the weather has warmed up, you can plant annuals.

Sharpen everything in your shed.

Properly sharpened tools are the key to a successful garden. Be sure to sharpen your shovel, shears, and garden hoe. Also, consider buying another pair of gardening gloves before springtime begins.


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