It Pays To Stay: Why Not To Move

Since the 1990s Americans have been moving locations less. And for good reasons — moving is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. If you’re thinking about moving to a new house, consider these factors.

You’ll spend more money moving.
When you move, there’s no way to avoid extra costs. Even without professional movers, it’s expensive. Renting a U-Haul will add up in costs with the truck rental, gas, mileage and packing supplies. Also, you may need to ship packages that don’t fit in the truck, which is costly.

Moving requires time.
Moving will cost more than money — it will cost time. Think about the time you’ll spend planning, cleaning, packing, loading and unloading the truck, and unpacking. You may need to miss a day of work to get everything done. And once you’ve moved, it may require several days to get settled into a new house.

Change is difficult on families.
Moving causes stress for everyone, especially children. It’s difficult for kids to move houses, schools, and neighborhoods. After moving, your children may feel unsettled because they’ve lost a sense of security. Avoid the stress and stay where you are.

You can spruce up your space.
Instead of moving, invest that time and money in creating a space you love. Follow these simple steps to revamp your rooms. 

Clean the floors and windows.
Deep clean your carpet, make your windows sparkle, and clean your hardwood floors. This is the quickest way to refresh your space.

Rearrange the furniture.
Make your space functional by moving the furniture. Plan your walkways, allowing plenty of space. Make a focal point such as the TV, dining room table, or a piece of art.

Create style with storage.
Look for containers that match your decor. Use woven baskets, metal buckets, or painted cubbies.

Change the curtains.
For a quick change, switch out your drapes. Try curtains in a darker shade or fun pattern. For a more subtle change, add sheers.


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