The Best Summer Activities For Kids

This summer, fill your children’s schedules with creative activities that will keep them inspired. Here are a few suggestions to occupy your children’s body and mind.

Painting for Kids

Collect paper, watercolors, and brushes. Try to buy washable watercolors so it won’t stain your children’s clothes. Have your children pick flowers from your garden or buy them from a grocery store. Pick flowers that are easier to draw: daisies, hibiscus, or petunias. Set the flowers on a table and help your children recreate the flowers with watercolors.

Yoga for Kids

Doing yoga with your children will help them stay stretched and relaxed. Here are a few kid-friendly poses from

Tree pose

Have your child stand up straight and lift his leg by bending his knee. Tell your child to imagine he is a tree rooted into the ground.

Side stretch

Have your child stand with his feet shoulder distance apart. After taking a breath, stretch the arms to the left and bend the knee. Repeat on the right side.

Butterfly pose

Have your child sit on the floor with his foot soles together. Let the knees drop to the floor and tell your child to imagine he is a butterfly.

Fish pose

Have your child lie down on his back with pointed toes and legs squeezed together. Prop up on the elbows and lift the chest like a fish.

Resting pose

After finishing the poses, have your child lie down on the back in a comfortable position. Breathe and wiggle your fingers and toes.

Cooking for Kids

Help your children learn more about cooking and nutrition by making a meal together. No matter what you cook, follow these instructions from

Make a list of ingredients and go to the store.

Wash your hands.

Have your child read the recipe out loud.

Practice math by measuring.

Sample the recipe.

Teach your kid how to clean up.

If you’re looking for kid-friendly recipes, check out these recipes from


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