Valentines Couple

What To Do This Valentine’s Day

In a bind for creative date ideas this Valentine’s Day? See how you can revamp and add some flair to the original ‘love’ holiday. We have five inexpensive date ideas for this holiday OR any other date night.

Desert SunDate Night With A View

Drive up to one of your favorite spots in your city to watch the sunset. Watching the sunset may seem like an overdone idea, but it is one of the best inexpensive dates we love to reuse. It’s perfect because you get the chance to explore different areas of your city for the perfect sunset view. The best part is you spend this quality time with your significant other. If watching the sunset doesn’t coordinate with your day plans, you can always opt for watching the sunrise. This is ideal if you already have an itinerary planned for the day.

Individual food servingsExplore Your City Together (try samples or appetizers)

If you’re looking for something new to try with your significant other, why not explore the city together? Tons of new restaurants and shops open up every year. Make a list of places and shops you want to visit and take a day to explore all or some together. You can save some money this way by setting a budget and spending money only on small items like appetizers or souvenirs.

Take A City on a hillShort Road Trip

If you like to travel, try planning a short road trip to a town nearby. There are so many small towns to check out; you’ll be surprised what you can find. For example, there are ghost towns in Arizona most locals never get around to visiting. This date idea is a great and inexpensive way to explore your state along with your significant other.

Paints and brushesArt

If you’re looking for something local, try a museum or gallery. Most museums and art galleries have free nights or donation nights where there is a discounted entrance fee. Even if you’ve previously been to any of the museums or galleries, exhibits always change so you’ll be sure to spot something new every time. You can always use the money you saved to do something afterward. There will more than likely be a million other events going on for Valentine’s Day you can check out later on.

Try Something Active (ice-skating, rock climbing, hiking, biking)   

Lastly, for the active couples, get out there for a fun activity! Most outdoor activities are free and others are fairly inexpensive. Go hiking at one of your favorite spots together and have a picnic. You can also go biking together through the city or at a park. Another great idea is to pick up ice-skating. Ice-skating is also a fun and inexpensive activity to try. If you’re looking for a more adventurous date idea, try indoor rock climbing or take a rappelling lesson together!

A date night shouldn’t be stressful. The same goes for Valentine’s Day! Take the simple route and enjoy the basics.


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