Your Go-To Guide For Spring Cleaning

Spring evokes a sense of energy, making it the perfect time to deep clean your rental home. Not only does a deep-down clean make your space feel like new, it prevents bacteria from accumulating in your home. That means you can say so long to spring allergies and seasonal sickness.

Start your spring cleaning by following these simple steps.

Step One: Wash the Windows

Winter weather may have brought havoc to your windows. Clean the glass with two pieces of microfiber cloth, one for washing and one for wiping. Pick a cloudy day to clean your windows so the cleaning solution won’t dry too quickly and leave streaks.

Step Two: Check the Baseboards.

Your baseboards and door frames should be scrubbed at least once a year.

Step Three: Clean the Carpet.

Cleaning your carpet ensures its warranty and prevents dust and allergens from collecting in your home. Vacuum in slow strokes that go forward to backward.

Step Four: Freshen up the Window Treatments

Use the upholstery attachment on the vacuum to remove dust and dirt from your window treatments. Take down your sheers and toss them in the dryer on low.    

Step Five: Change the Air Filters.

Regularly replacing your air conditioner filters will help save money on your electricity bill and keep your air clean. Learn how to replace your air filter in this Invitation Homes Know Your Home video.

Step Seven: Scrub the Bathroom.

Unless your bathroom is regularly cleaned, bacteria will spread throughout the space. Be sure to scrub the shower with plenty of disinfectant and watch for any signs of mold. Wipe down the counters, cabinets, faucet, floors, and toilet, using a different cloth for each surface. Clean the bathroom doorknob to further prevent the spread of germs.

Step Eight: Clean and Organize Your Kitchen.

Before deep-cleaning your kitchen, clear your cabinets and pantry of any expired food or stale spices. Then clean above your cabinets, an often forgotten space that collects dust. Scrub your counters and cabinets, and then move on to the floors and baseboards. Disinfect your sink and faucet with plenty of cleanser. Then clean inside and outside your fridge, paying close attention to the door handle.


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