The Invitation Homes Difference

Couple deciding to lease a home from Invitation Homes.

Why Invitation Homes?

At Invitation Homes, we offer high-quality homes for lease in desirable neighborhoods across America. We believe in backyards, in dining rooms and living rooms, in spaces where our residents want to gather with family and friends. As the nation’s premier home leasing company, we offer our residents welcoming spaces for a more inviting life.

Your high-quality home is not only updated, it’s backed by our top-level professional property management team with routine and 24/7 emergency maintenance.

What is ProCare?

ProCare is a service that gives professional, proactive care to your home, provided by Invitation Homes. We provide a comprehensive, multi-point inspection before you move in, as well as proactive maintenance visits and 24/7 emergency services throughout the lease.

Learn more about ProCare.

“Air conditioner tech was knowledgeable, efficient, and respectful. Fixed the problem in under an hour. Maintenance scheduler was kind and understanding, as always with Invitation Homes.” – Susan M., Orlando

Maintenance Requests at your fingertips

We’re always looking to enhance the leasing lifestyle of our residents, and the new Invitation Homes Maintenance app simplifies how to request maintenance, track, and submit information on requests.

Lease Easy Services

Spend more time enjoying your home. These great Invitation Homes services come standard in your lease where available:

Smart Home

Manage your tech-friendly home from anywhere – with keyless access and temperature control. 

Air Filter Delivery

The right air filters for your home delivered right when you need them.

Utility Management

 Water, sewer, and trash will be added to your monthly account ledger to pay online with your rent with no initial utility deposits.

Note: Standard services are required in your lease and will be billed monthly as separate items on your account ledger with your rent. Fees may vary by location. Smart Home at $19.95/mo in homes with Smart Home features.  Air Filter Delivery at $9.95/mo in homes with an HVAC system. Utilities Management (Conservice) $9.95/mo plus your monthly utility usage in participating homes. Sales tax will be added in Arizona.

Extra services for your lifestyle

Your pets are invited to lease, too! Up to three cats and dogs are welcome with a $300 initial fee per pet (or deposit, depending on local laws) and $35 additional monthly pet rent for each pet as permitted by applicable law. Pet fees and/or deposits and pet rent will be charged for dogs and cats only.

Pool Service 
If you chose a house with a pool, swim easy. We’ll handle year-round pool maintenance with regular visits for only $95/mo. 


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Lease Friendlier
Lease Friendlier

Invitation Homes is curb-appeal friendly, worry free friendly, good school friendly. Lease Friendlier with Invitation Homes.

Qualification Requirements

Learn more about the screening and selection policy to qualify to lease an Invitation Home.

Self Tour
Home Tour Process

Available homes are open for showings using our Self-Tour option. You can also tour many of our homes virtually right here. Search now.