Resident Disaster Preparation


Please take ALL recommended precautions by local news media and governmental agencies to ensure the safety of you, your family, and your home. You are responsible for securing the home against possible damage.

If your home has hurricane shutters

Shutters were inherited when your home was acquired (purchased by a prior owner.) We cannot confirm if the shutters cover the entire house, or are code compliant and safe. Do not rely on these shutters to protect you, your family, or your assets. Any existing shutters at the house cannot be maintained, changed, or updated by Invitation Homes. Please use good judgment and discretion.

If your home must be vacated due to an impending event, please take the following steps BEFORE evacuating:

  1. Turn off main gas line to the home. (Call Utility Company for instructions)
  2. Turn off main water supply to home. (Call Utility Company for instructions) *
  3. Turn off all electric to home. To do this, go to the circuit breaker power panel and turn the main breaker lever to the “Off” position. This disconnects all power feeding the panel and the branch circuits. *
  4. Take your pets with you or take them to a pet shelter.
  5. Secure items outside the house including play houses, small planters and anything that could potentially become a flying object during high winds.
  6. If possible, protect your vehicles from flying debris or falling trees by parking your vehicles in the garage.
  7. Notify your Invitation Homes office prior to evacuating.

**Note: if you turn off the water supply but fail to turn off the electric (at the main breaker), the water heater may run with no water in the tank. This may damage the water heater. To avoid this, please turn off both the water and the electric to the home.

Please contact your Invitation Homes office for storm-related damages

Repair and Maintenance: 888-330-4969 | Local Office Contact Information


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