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Enjoy the convenience of running your home easily through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Smart Home services are installed and available in select homes. This service is required as part of our Lease Easy standard services as a $19.95 fee above the monthly rent.* Smart Home services have been shown to save residents up to 15%* on their electric bill. Start saving now!


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Temperature Control
Control your thermostat via your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Temperatures can be increased or decreased and schedules can be created and edited on the dashboard.
Remote Lock/Unlock
Lock and unlock your front door from your smartphone remotely or onsite.
Unique Access Codes
Access codes are used to enter the home via the keypad lock located on the front door of the home. You can create an unlimited number of codes, which can be set to expire when necessary.
Event History and Notifications
All activity from the Smart Home system is logged and will include the date and time the front door is locked or unlocked. You can also set notifications for actions in your home, for example, when someone uses a code.

​*Required in leases of homes with Smart Home features. Fees may vary by location.

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Q: Is there a monthly fee for Smart Home?
A: Yes, a monthly fee is outlined in your lease as an additional fee above your rental price that will be automatically added to your resident account each month.

Q: Can I lock and unlock my front door from my smart phone?
A: Yes. With the push of a button, you can lock and unlock your

smart home FAQQ: Can I create a user code from my smartphone?
A: Yes. You can create a user code at any time from your

Q: Will I be able to add a code for my friends and other
family members?
A: Yes. You can create a code for anyone that needs to enter
your home.

Q: Can I create a personalized code, such as my birthday?
A: No, due to security reasons, the system can only generate
random codes.

Q: Can I create codes that only last for a couple hours or a day?
A: Yes. When you create a code, you can select a time frame for the
code to work.

Q: Can I see the activity in my house, such as when people enter
and exit?
A: Yes. You can see all activity in your home via your smartphone, tablet,
or computer.

Q: Can I change the temperature of my house from my mobile device?
A: Yes. You can customize settings for your heating and air conditioning and
make changes at any time via your mobile device.

Q: Can I set temperature schedules so when I leave for work, the temperature will
automatically change?
A: Yes. Temperature schedules can be set and changed via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.



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