Making a Difference for Veterans and Military Families

Making a Difference for Veterans and Military Families

Watch the Benningtons discuss how Invitation Homes helped them transition from military housing to their new civilian home for lease.


Melissa: My husband was active for over 16 years, and transitioning out of the military into a civilian home was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. So Invitation Homes gave us the opportunity to make this our first home, and we are very thankful.

Jay: A couple of trips overseas, and a lot of sacrifice from my wife and children. I know the Marine Corps, I know the military end, but it’s very different in the civilian world. I’m just thankful that Melissa was able to find Invitation Homes, and they reciprocated the concern and care to her, that she expressed to them as far as us needing some help because of our situation.

Melissa: I always felt like this is where I wanted my kids to start their permanent friendships with people. Invitation Homes application process was very easy because it was all on line. You were able to see what was actually happening to your application. It shows what stage they’re in, and if everyone that needed to view it had viewed it. It was, you know, just very convenient. I chose Invitation Homes because they gave me an opportunity, and once they started that process they actually cared.

Jay: I think that’s what makes it home to me, just being here with them , and we all started together. So it’s new for all of us at once. I like the area. I think it’s a perfect size house.